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*We are located at 6511 Elevator Road in Roscoe, Illinois.


Sit, Stay….Swim – Services

*Petsitting care of dogs, cats, fish, horses, chicken, goats, birds, hamster, gerbils, guinea pigs, lizards, turtles, snakes…more

*Pickup and delivery services

*Transportation to vet, groomer, etc.


*Vacation care for your home:  mail, lights, flowers, garden, pool

*Beautiful, indoor pool for comfortable, year-round canine therapy

*Located nearby in Roscoe, Illinois

About Cherie Hogland

*Professional petsitter for nearly 30 years

*Caring, compassionate, reliable

*Bonded, insured

*Certified Member of Association of Canine Water Therapy, certified graduate of class in Seattle, WA

*Eight years veterinary clinic experience; extensive experience with injection, fluids, insulin, pilling

*Cherie loves all animals!


  1. sitstays (Post author)

    We do dog walking in the Roscoe area. They can call Cherie at 815-623-7946 for arrangements. Thank you so much for the reference. Christian.

  2. sitstays (Post author)

    We would love to see Ralf during the July 4th period. If you could call Cherie at 815-623-7946 when we get closer to the holiday that would be wonderful. Fortunately, it is quiet at the house during July 4th.

  3. sitstays (Post author)

    We could. It would have to be regulated away from the bigger dogs. You can call Cherie at 815-623-7946 to get details. Thank you. Christian

  4. sitstays (Post author)

    You can call Cherie at 815-623-7946. I don’t have experience with that, but she has years of experience at Hillcrest Animal Hospital. If we can’t help you hopefully we can lead you to someone who can. Thanks. Christian

  5. sitstays (Post author)

    You can contact Cherie at 815-623-7946. There may be a delay in response since we have to manage a business at the same time. I don’t handle the rescues so you will have to contact her. Thank you for your interest. Christian

  6. sitstays (Post author)

    You will have to contact Cherie at 815-623-7946 to see if we can come out to your location. Thank you. Christian

  7. sitstays (Post author)

    We do offer overnight stays here. You can make any arrangements for boarding by calling Cherie at 815-623-7946. Sorry about the delay in response. Thanks. Christian.

  8. Linda Wennmacher

    Hi. I have heard lots of great things about Sit Stay Swim . We have a sweet 6yr old 150# lab/hound mix rescue . We are thinking about sending him to a doggie daycare one day a week for exercise and play time. He is friendly but a bit obnoxious with our 3 cats and appears to like other dogs We don’t know if he can swim. What is your fee schedule for daycare, swimming, boarding & grooming?

    1. sitstays (Post author)

      The fee for a day of doggy daycare is $15. Boarding is $25 which includes the daytime activities. Swimming is free the first time and then after that it is $20 for a 30 minute session. It would be good for him to get out and play. He can hang with Moose who is a mastiff mix. You can also set up a free day of doggy daycare so that the dog can get used to the surroundings. You can post here for an appointment and further information or call 815-623-7946. Thanks. Christian.


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