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Sit Stay Swim is located at 6511 Elevator Road, Roscoe, Illinois.

Welcome to Sit Stay Swim!! We specialize in making your pet’s experience the next best thing to being home for doggy daycare and boarding. We believe in creating a vibrant, dynamic experience with the love and companionship we give our own pets. The vast majority of the dogs dogs are kept cage free in the house. Sit Stay Swim does have a few kennels for dogs that are aggressive around other dogs or have negativebehavioral issues. They will explore and experience new environments and they will snooze on beds after a day of exercise and personal attention everyday, all day.

This is not a job, this is a dream come true … to be surrounded by dogs everyday.

Cherie Hogland has been caring for dogs and cats and all kinds of animals for over 40 years. Her goal became to provide a barding facility for dogs that does not include cages or kennels. Sit Stay Swim provides a cage free alternative for boarding your dog. The dogs stay in a designated area of the house where we maintain a home-like environment so dogs can play with other dogs and have constant human contact. The boarding dogs are supervised 24 hours a day and Sit Stay Swim is open 365 days a year.

About Cherie Hogland, owner, Sit Stay Swim

*Professional petsitter for for over 30 years

*Has managed a cage free facility for over 10 years

*Caring, compassionate, reliable

*Bonded, insured

*Certified Member of Association of Canine Water Therapy, certified graduate of class in Seattle, WA

*Eight years veterinary clinic experience; extensive experience with injection, fluids, insulin, pilling

*Cherie loves all animals!

Dogs must be in good health. No coughing, vomiting, diarrhea 48 hours prior to arrival. 

We cannot accept aggressive or anti-social dogs. 

All dogs must be brought in and out of the facility on a collar and leash. 

Dogs wishing to stay with us must be spayed or neutered by one year of age. Unaltered dogs destabilize the pack and are at a greater risk of injury.

All dogs coming to Sit Stay Swim for boarding or doggy daycare require the following vaccinations at least 7days prior to arrival. We need an updated copy of vaccines for our file and will need to update the the file yearly. 

*(DHLPP) distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus



Dogs must be flea and tick free and be able to provide proof of flea and tick prevention. 

Sit Stay Swim reserves the right to provide medical care for your pet in emergency situations. The veterinarian used will be the closest veterinarian office available and may not be the veterinarian of your choice. 

All clients must complete a new client form before their dog can enter the facility. 

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